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Content problems. We all have them: You’re designing mobile first, but your client is still cramming in all their old desktop-centric content. You’re prioritizing templates, but there’s so much happening you can’t figure out what actually matters. You’ve got too much content. It’s not done on time. It’s just plain bad. Plenty of UX folks have started practicing content strategy to solve these problems. Only it’s not so simple. It’d be nice if a few well-placed deliverables could solve the problem. But editorial plans and style guides won’t change things. Neither will structured content and a custom CMS. We can’t mastermind solutions and expect them to stick in organizations full of complex people, histories, and challenges. When it comes to improving content, fixing will only get us so far. As UX professionals, we also need a parallel process focused on facilitating—helping organizations adapt, so their content can adapt with them. If you’re used to designing and building, this is a big shift. This talk will help you get started.
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